Control board dimensions and supply voltage

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Control board supply voltage from 7 VAC to 15VAC, and maximum supply current is 1 A, and there are voltage protection in all Control board input and output terminals, its 20VAC maximum
And control board dimension is 27*18 cm

Feature and Specifications

Control board dedicated to working in the inverter panels and compatible with all types of inverters

It saves 6 control relays (fast – slow – down – up – lighting and maintenance relay)

It saves CAM contactor and CAM Bridge and 12-volt Bridge

There are 4 switches on the control board to operate the inverter manually

Arrows and gungs are taken directly from the control board

There is a relay for MS (medium speed) on the control board, and it can be activated from programming

Advanced programming for a smooth stop on the floor

Panel not authorized for use in the two-speed control

The card supports 2 CAM & 2 full Automatic doors or half automatic door for any chosen programmed floors up to 14 floors

Errors and alerts appear on normal 7-segment 26 codes will be appeared.

Card is 16 floors down collective with out and inner registration common.

Supports all indicator types (7 segments – binary code – gray code – serial –

Overweight input directly on board

Full load input directly on board

All safeties are ready, (GAHEZ feature) and can be cancelled from programming

Elevator life timer to block the lift after a certain hours up to 9999 hour ( max 416 day)

Separated relay for up and down arrow.

Separated relay for automatic door (one relay for open and other for door close).

Over voltage protection above to 20 VAC.

Door fork safety

Lock door safety

Fire man feature

VIP feature

Delete a certain calling door from programming

Cabin stop switch can delete the requests during stopping at the floor

The upper and down limit switch reverse direction protection

Push button calling

Up-down collective selective calling

Self-test mode

Supports all operation modes (duplex – triplex …)


The card supports all these collection modes

Down collective mode

Up – Down collective mode

Up – Down collective selective mode

Push button mode

Duplex with all previous modes

Triplex with all previous modes

Saving cabin card

There are all protection timers to protect the machine and the elevator mechanical parts during movement

All malfunctions and timers lead to stopping the cabin at the nearest floor

There is a normal programming and advanced programming to adjust and activate all features

Automatic door opening feature when slipping from the floor level magnet

Cancellation of all orders during stopping at the floor

Solve the problems of the self-registration of the order button in any floor

Signal point to check the mechanical brake to monitor the movement of the brake during opening and start operation

There is a timer for displaying faults on the indicator to facilitate the diagnosis of faults

All inputs and outputs of the control board have been protected from sudden high and low voltage

The same programming as the old “KAS” control board, in addition to advanced programming with all the new features

The same size connections and arrangement of the terminals of the old “KAS” control board



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