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The function of saving the elevator user in the event of a power outage


Features and Specifications

  • Full control is made in all elevator parts when the power is cut off, according to the Saudi code for elevators (SAS0 EN81-80) and the European code compatible with it (EN81-50)
  • The function of saving the elevator user in the event of a power outage
  • The cabin is illuminated directly when the power is cut off
  • Compatible with the general electricity of 380 volts and 220 volts
  • Compatible with all types of automatic and semi-automatic doors
  • During work the public electricity is disconnected and does not return to the main control until the completion of the rescue operation for the elevator user and stopping it at the nearest floor
  • Works with 4 dry batteries with a total voltage of 48 VDC and a current of 9 AH
  • There is a smart charging circuit to charge the batteries as needed to extend the life of the batteries with a maximum current of 2 amps in order not to break the internal cell of the battery .
  • Compatible with all traction machines with gearbox .
  • Compatible with all different safety circuits .
  • Works on a brake voltage of 60 volts or according to the customer’s request .
  • The stop and safety circuits are connected in parallel with the main control .
  • Public electricity is entered for emergency first and then to the main control panel secondly to ensure complete electrical disconnection when the electricity is returned during the operation of the emergency control .
  • The automatic door is closed first before operating the machine to ensure the closure of all safety circuits until this is confirmed .


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