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Kas 2021
Control board supply voltage from 7 VAC to 15VAC, and maximum supply current is 1 A, and there are voltage protection in all Control board input and output terminals, its 20VAC maximum. And control board dimension is 24cm*18cm.
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Kas 2021 cabin
The cabin control board set consists of (the main control board is located in the control panel in a machine room - the cabin card and is located at the top of the cabin - an electrical transformer input 220 volts and an output of 12 volts - a capacity of 3 amps to feed the cabin card and the other of the cabin signals)  
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Kas 2021 duplex
The duplex group is installed in 2 adjoining elevators common to external requests (one button for external requests for both elevators). The internal requests are separate for each elevator  
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Kas 2025
The control board feature is a double protection, which means protecting the elevator machine from burning as a result of its high temperature and high drawn current in excess of the rated machine current. The feature consists of electronic overload and digital thermistor which fitted in the board
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Kas Gold 2030
Controller card 8 stops
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Kas Inverter
Control board dedicated to working in the inverter panels and compatible with all types of inverters
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Kas mini 8 stops
Controller card 8 stops
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Kas RG 12 Stops
Controller card 12 stops
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A control board dedicated to working in the inverter panels contains UPS and compatible with all types of inverters which contains only an  emergency input signal and UPS

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